At Aemetis we engineer enzymes and microbes to be more efficient, cost-effective and have broader uses in industrial-scale biotechnology applications. We use the Aemetis Biorefinery technology platform to produce renewable chemicals and fuels.

The Aemetis Biorefinery helps companies manufacture renewable chemicals and fuels from non-food feedstocks through the use of innovative industrial microbial and enzymatic biotechnologies. The Aemetis technology platform helps companies expand their feedstock options, consume less energy and achieve higher production yields at industrial scale.

Our patented technology platform is based on a unique aerobic marine organism and propagation process that enables scientists at Aemetis to manufacture a variety of high-margin biochemical and renewable fuels products for large markets using renewable and readily available feedstocks. Aemetis hold 4 granted patents on the Z-Microbe technology and has 14 pending patents on its microbial and enzymatic ATSCH technology and production processes.


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The Z-Microbe is a patented organism that converts a variety of renewable feedstocks such as sugar, starch and cellulose directly into renewable chemicals and fuels. The Z-Microbe technology utilizes consolidated bio processing (CBP) technology to convert multiple feedstocks into chemicals and fuels in one, low-cost process.

The Aemetis Z-Microbe is a novel aerobic, marine bacterium that exhibits unique and powerful degradative abilities on a broad-spectrum of feedstocks. These dynamic characteristics enable the Z-Microbe to be deployed at existing chemical and fuel facilities, thereby substantially reducing capital expenditures, construction time and startup costs associated with building plants for processing biomass into renewable chemicals and fuels.

The Aemetis Biorefinery leverages the Z-Microbe’s highly-active arsenal of nearly 100 enzymes to be the most effective solution for biorefining beyond fuel


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Ambient Temperature Starch/Cellulose Hydrolysis (ATSCH) is a biorefining process acquired and developed by Aemetis. The ATSCH process biorefines renewable feedstocks to produce renewable fuels that replace current petroleum-based products.

In 2008, Aemetis built and commissioned a 9,000-square foot integrated cellulose and starch ethanol commercial demonstration facility in Butte, Montana where Aemetis scientists evaluated a variety of feedstocks to optimize our ATSCH technology.

The Aemetis Biorefinery upgrades existing corn ethanol plants to use our ATSCH enzymes and solid substrate enzyme production process to produce renewable chemicals and fuels at near ambient temperatures while using non-food feedstock. The ATSCH process utilizes consolidated bio processing (CBP) technology to simplify the enzyme pre-treatment and yeast fermentation processes at existing ethanol plants into one step that eliminates the up-front cooking process and reduces water usage.