The Z-Microbe is a patented organism that converts a variety of renewable feedstocks such as sugar, starch and cellulose directly into renewable chemicals and fuels. The Z-Microbe technology utilizes consolidated bio processing (CBP) technology to convert multiple feedstocks into chemicals and fuels in one, low-cost process.

The Aemetis Z-Microbe is a novel aerobic, marine bacterium that exhibits unique and powerful degradative abilities on a broad-spectrum of feedstocks. These dynamic characteristics enable the Z-Microbe to be deployed at existing chemical and fuel facilities, thereby substantially reducing capital expenditures, construction time and startup costs associated with building plants for processing biomass into renewable chemicals and fuels.

The Aemetis Biorefinery leverages the Z-Microbe’s highly-active arsenal of nearly 100 enzymes to be the most effective solution for biorefining beyond fuels.