About Aemetis

An integrated approach to advanced renewable fuels.

Founded in 2006 in Cupertino, California, Aemetis is an advanced renewable fuels and biochemicals company that commercializes innovative technologies to replace traditional fossil fuels.

Our Mission

Replace high carbon intensity petroleum products with “Below Zero” renewable fuels and byproducts to reverse Climate Change caused by greenhouse gases warming our planet.


Lead the renewable fuels industry transition to Below Zero Carbon Intensity inputs from non-food, low cost agricultural and forest waste sources to maximize California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and IRS 45Q credit values.​

One Prudent Wisdom

The Aemetis name is derived from the Scottish “Ae,” meaning “one,” and the Greek “Metis” who was the mother of the goddess Athena, meaning “prudent wisdom.”

“One Prudent Wisdom,” refers to the prudence and wisdom of replacing petroleum with renewable fuels.

Executing the Strategic Plan


Company Formed


Started construction on biodiesel facility in Kakinada, India


Enters into lease agreement with Cilion for the Keyes 65 mgpy ethanol Biorefinery. Invested $8 million of upgrades to optimize production


Began continuous production of fuel ethanol, wet distillers grains, and distillers corn oil


Acquires Keyes ethanol biorefinery


Aemetis stock began trading on the NASDAQ under symbol AMTX


Aemetis Biogas subsidiary formed to build dairy-based RNG production and distribution assets


Kakinada plant upgraded to process low-cost feedstocks


Aemetis partners with Messer Gas to convert more than 150,000 tons of CO2 gas per year from the Keyes biorefinery into liquified CO2 for food production


Aemetis Biogas completes first two dairy digesters and four miles of private pipeline for Phase I of dairy digester/RNG project. Begins utilizing dairy biogas at Keyes facility to replace carbon natural gas


Aemetis implements Mitsubishi’s Zebrex system to reduce natural gas use by 80% in distillation process


Aemetis Biogas begins construction of dairy biogas to RNG gas purification system and interconnection to PG&E gas pipeline; begins construction of Phase 2, including 5 new dairy digesters and 20 miles of private pipeline


Aemetis Signs Purchase Agreement with Schneider Electric for an Integrated Microgrid with a 1.25 Battery Energy Storage System to support 2MW solar project


Aemetis Signs Agreement to Purchase 125-Acre Former U.S. Army Facility to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Renewable Diesel

“Aemetis is focused on producing below zero carbon intensity products, including the production of negative carbon intensity renewable natural gas and renewable fuels. Our projects maximize the value of carbon credits under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, and IRS 45Q tax credits while reducing operating costs by using waste materials as feedstock.”

Eric A. McAfee, Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Aemetis Leadership

Our Facilities

Our integrated systems allow us to reduce carbon emissions within the transportation ecosystem, create carbon negative circular bio-economies, and create energy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the production of sustainable below zero transportation fuels.

Our integrated approach to advanced biofuels includes transporting animal feed byproducts to our partnered dairy digesters, who capture harmful methane emissions from animal waste; using this animal waste to produce renewable natural gas that fuels our refinery and displaces petroleum gas in the pipeline for trucks and other uses; or build advanced fuel facilities to create the lowest carbon intensity sustainable aviation fuels by sequestering CO2 underground.

We own and operate production facilities with more than 110 million gallons per year of production capacity in the US and India. Our production portfolio includes the largest low-carbon ethanol plant in California, a 65 million gallon per year fuel ethanol plant located in Keyes, California near Modesto and renewable natural gas production from surrounding dairy farms. We are expanding our production of low carbon fuels with sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel production facilities that use our corn oil, biogas, and local wood waste to produce below zero carbon intensity renewable fuels.

Keyes Low Carbon Ethanol
Biogas Digesters
India Biodiesel
Carbon Zero 1
Research and Development

Our Integrated Suite Of Products and Programs

Aemetis produces a wide variety of high value biochemicals, renewable fuels, animal feed, and personal care products. Scientists at Aemetis are developing and commercializing innovative industrial biotechnologies. Our production facility personnel work diligently to ensure our commercial products meet or exceed the highest quality standards.

We are committed to producing products that reduce the world’s dependence on petroleum and improve the environment.