August 23, 2021

Aemetis CEO Addresses The Team – Thanks Staff For Perseverance & Dedication

In the wake of one of the most challenging years for businesses and individuals alike, the Aemetis team pulled together and accomplished great things. CEO and Founder Eric McAfee recently shared a letter with the entire Aemetis staff expressing his deep gratitude for their hard work and dedication during such uncertain times. He stressed the importance of the work the company is doing to create carbon negative renewable fuels and build a path toward a more sustainable world.

Here’s a peek at the letter sent to staff last week.



July 2021

Aemetis Team,

This year, we continue to be challenged by the many personal and business constraints imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. Despite these external conditions, we have made tremendous progress toward our goal of demonstrating to the world how to reverse climate change and improve our quality of life through the production and use of carbon negative renewable fuels.

I want to personally thank you for pulling together as a team to achieve progress during these difficult and uncertain times. Without this teamwork, we would not have been able to advance the development of exciting new technologies and significant projects during the past year and a half.

The variety of skills and talents on our team have been brought together to achieve goals that were almost unimaginable at the onset of the global pandemic. While many companies shut down or idled their operations, we accelerated through the crisis and are now poised to reach even greater heights.

Your efforts are having a direct and positive impact on the health, safety, job creation and new investment that we are creating from the revolutionary conversion of the Keyes ethanol plant away from using petroleum natural gas to being powered by renewable electricity and biogas; the capture of biogas from dairies to make RNG to replace diesel in trucks and buses; using waste wood to make ethanol and jet fuel; or the sequestration of CO2 from our biofuels plants and from oil refineries.

These technologies are long-term changes to how the world currently works. Every day we are “planting trees from which our children will enjoy the fruits and the shade.”

The work that we are doing every day has already made a positive difference to our communities. We are working together to show the world how to improve the economy by cleaning up the environment and reversing the impact of climate change – helping our next generation live in a better world than was given to us.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Management Team, please accept our sincere thanks for your many contributions over the past year. May this summer be safe and include time to enjoy your family and friends.



Eric A. McAfee
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Aemetis, Inc.


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