May 29, 2019

Aemetis India Plant Awarded Large Biodiesel Supply Contract in Mining Sector

In California, Aemetis, Inc.’s Universal Biofuels India subsidiary was awarded a large ongoing supply contract for distilled biodiesel by a multi-site mining company for use in dump trucks and other heavy diesel equipment at mines in Southern and Central India. Shipments have already begun to the mining customer under the supply agreement and will be expanded to additional mines as on-site biodiesel storage is installed.

Mining trucks and other large equipment at mines is estimated to require more than 25 million gallons per year of biodiesel, equal to 50% of the capacity of the India plant, as the mining supply agreement is expanded and other mining companies adopt biodiesel. Distilled biodiesel is a lower cost fuel than diesel, emits 90% lower particulate emissions and significantly reduces carbon emissions.

– Helena Tavares Kennedy, Biofuels Digest

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