August 7, 2023

Aemetis reports progress with RNG, SAF and ethanol projects

Aemetis Inc. released second quarter financial results on Aug. 3, reporting progress with the development of its dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) project and its proposed renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) biorefinery. The company also highlighted its existing ethanol and biodiesel operations.

Aemetis Biogas has already built and is operating seven dairy digesters, 40 miles of biogas pipeline, a central biogas-to-RNG production facility, and an PG&E utility gas pipeline interconnection unit, said Eric McAfee, chairman and CEO of Aemetis, during the company’s second quarter earnings call. The company recently closed on a $25 million USDA loan guarantee to build an additional eight dairy digesters. McAfee said these 15 facilities are expected to produce a combined 400,000 MMBtus of RNG annually.

The company plans to continue to grow its RNG operations. According to McAfee, Aemetis Biogas has signed agreements to build biogas digesters for 37 dairies and plans to build digesters for 65 dairies as part of its five-year plan. He said that an additional $75 million of USDA guaranteed project funding is in process to support the company’s biogas projects. In total, Aemetis Biogas plans to receive $125 million in USDA loan guarantees under the Rural Energy for America Program by the end of this year.

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