October 25, 2023


Bio-based aviation fuel reduces the number of ultrafine particles that are emitted from the aircraft engines, thereby improving air quality. This is one of the conclusions drawn from a large-scale international study using a SAS aircraft at Copenhagen Airport.

Researchers measured an aircraft with 34 percent bio-based fuel (known as Sustainable Aviation Fuel, SAF), in the tank while it was taxiing between the runway and the gate at the airport. Ground measurements show a reduction in the emission of ultrafine particles by about 30 percent.

The measurements were conducted by researchers from DLR, The German Aerospace Center. During the experiment, they set up a mobile laboratory with advanced measuring equipment at a gate in Copenhagen Airport. From there, they measured air quality when a SAS aircraft with 34 percent SAF blended in its fuel tank arrived in Copenhagen from Stockholm. Measurements were done three to four times daily and conducted while the aircraft was on ground and taxiing between runway and gate.


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