January 23, 2019

Court of Appeals rules in favor of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

In California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decisive ruling upholding California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard – the state’s landmark program to reduce climate pollution from the fuel used in cars and trucks.

The court sided with California on all issues in the case, dismissed challenges to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard on numerous grounds, and awarded attorneys’ fees to the state.

“This is a thorough victory for the climate and for the health and safety of Californians,” said Tim O’Connor, Senior Director of California Energy Policy for Environmental Defense Fund, which was a party to the case. “California is working hard to address the dangers of air pollution, including climate pollution, from cars and trucks. Today the court affirmed California’s right to develop regulations that can help with that critical work, and can provide cleaner and healthier air for families and communities around the state.”

– Meghan Sapp, Biofuels Digest

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