June 20, 2022

Ethanol Gas Emerging As Cheap Gas Alternative For Those With Compatible Vehicles

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — At certain gas stations across Sacramento, one can find gas prices above $6, but tucked away on smaller signs is flex fuel, which is being offered at as much as $2 fewer per gallon.

What is E-85 gasoline? Simply put, it is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, and it’s priced significantly lower than normal gasoline currently because the price of corn is trading below the price of petroleum.

But can you run it in your car?

In the mid-2000s, Chevy and Ford created many cars that were known as flex fuel vehicles. A Ford F-150 or a Chevy Tahoe, for example, are E-85-compatible vehicles.

Gene Karavan runs Autobahn Davis with his business partner Vladimir Maximov and is a devotee of ethanol gas, especially now.

“I fueled up [my Chevy truck for] $89 on a full tank. I have a Toyota [that takes normal gasoline] that I filled up for over $95 and that’s only a 19-gallon tank,” Karavan explains.

Andrew Haubner – CBS Sacramento

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