July 7, 2022

Industry debunks ethanol myths

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — Renewable fuel boosters did some “myth busting” and discussed ethanol’s role in gasoline prices during a June 17 National Corn Growers Association podcast.

“Over the years we have heard so many arguments against ethanol, and we wanted to get together to debunk some of the most common arguments that we hear or see,” said Jon Doggett, NCGA CEO.

“We’ve all seen or heard or read about all sorts of terrible things that ethanol does. I’m especially thinking about the contributions from those pesky keyboard warriors on social media and some questionable scientists who have made some wild claims even as of late.”

Geoff Cooper, Renewable Fuels Association CEO, discussed the myths and other ethanol issues in the Dusty Weis-produced NCGA podcast. Here are some of the issues addressed by Cooper.

Doggett: Let’s start with one of the easy myths — ethanol ruins my boat engine.

Cooper: I think it really stems from the fact that some of these gas stations that are located near big lakes and places where people take their boats out, or at marinas, they’ve got one of the biggest rackets going that I’ve ever seen. They sell what they’re now calling marine gas, or ethanol-free gasoline, and they scare boaters into buying this stuff for a dollar or more per gallon higher than what they would spend on E10…

Tom Doran – Agrinews

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