March 15, 2017

National Farmers Union passes resolution to support E30 use

“National Farmers Union called for the U.S. EPA to open the market to higher blends of ethanol in a landmark resolution passed during the group’s annual meeting held last week in San Diego.

‘National Farmers Union, as an organization, considers increased ethanol use one of the most important demand drivers for American agriculture,’ said Doug Sombke, president of South Dakota Farmers Union. ‘Members are taking a stand against EPA regulations that limit the use of ethanol blends in non-flex vehicles.

‘Ethanol is a critically important part of our future and higher ethanol blends are key to creating demand for ethanol and corn. EPA and all government regulators should immediately reverse statements and policies that unfairly limit the amount of ethanol we can put in our cars.'”

— Tom Bryan, Ethanol Producer Magazine

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