February 15, 2024

North San Joaquin Valley, California Issued ‘AA’ BDO Zone Rating for Tree Nut Biomass

– Rating to Unlock New Regional Biomanufacturing Opportunities –

The BDO Zone Initiative has issued a ‘AA’ BDO Zone rating covering 1,104,000 tons per year of underutilized woody and nut tree biomass in the North San Joaquin Valley, California.


BEAM Circular, the Almond Board of California, Stanislaus County and Ecostrat are pleased to announce the issue of a rare ‘AA’ rating to the North San Joaquin Valley Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone centered in Modesto, CA, North America’s first BDO Zone rating for Orchard Biomass, Nut Tree Shells and Almond Hulls.

The North San Joaquin Valley BDO Zone investment grade rating denotes ‘very high quality’ feedstock supply chains and infrastructure. The region exhibits a longstanding industry supported by 6,300 nut tree growers and suppliers along with a robust network of processors and separators of nuts from shells and hulls in concentrated locations. Decreasing local demand for local biomass along with significant quantities of feedstock currently available for the cost of transportation create ideal conditions for large-scale bio-project development. Significant infrastructure advantages include flexible zoning, access to natural gas, rail connectivity, and proximity to an extensive highway system.

“The ‘AA’ rating for the North San Joaquin Valley’s BDO Zone is a testament to our region’s unique positioning for global leadership in the bioeconomy,” stated Karen Warner, CEO of BEAM Circular. “Local communities here are proactively investing in the infrastructure, partnerships, and innovation that will allow us to grow world-class bioindustrial manufacturing facilities in the heart of the most productive agricultural state in America. This region is ready to support and scale the future of sustainable bioproduction.”


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