June 10, 2022

PG&E Commissions New Renewable Natural Gas Pipeline in California

(P&GJ) — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has partnered with Aemetis Inc. to officially commission the interconnection of a new Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility in Keyes, California.

The partnership between PG&E and Aemetis will enable transportation of clean RNG to California transportation customers and capture more than 1.6 MMBtu of dairy methane per year that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere.

At full build-out, a 40-mile gathering line will receive RNG produced at the Aemetis Biogas Central Dairy Digester Project and transport it through PG&E’s transmission pipeline system to end-use customers. Currently, the RNG transported from this project will directly support the transportation sector. The project estimates that emissions captured from more than 60 contributing dairies is equal to that of 1.1 million cars.

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