Aemetis Products

Aemetis produces a wide variety of high-value biochemicals, renewable fuels, and food and feed products.

Scientists at Aemetis are focused on the development and commercialization of our innovative industrial biotechnologies, while our production facility personnel work diligently to ensure our commercial products exceed even the highest quality standards.

We are committed to producing products that reduce and eliminate the world’s dependence on petroleum and improve the environment. Please learn more about the products Aemetis produces by clicking on the links below.


Aemetis has developed an innovative biotechnology platform to produce renewable chemicals using non-food feedstock. The biochemicals manufactured by Aemetis sell into billion-dollar global markets and have hundreds of useful applications as replacements for petroleum-derived products.

Renewable Fuels

The globally increasing use of fossil fuels by vehicles and industry has resulted in a damaging increase of greenhouse gases in the environment. Greenhouse gases contribute significantly to global warming.

Aemetis manufactures a variety of renewable fuels that help solve global warming and the dependence on petroleum.

Food and Feed

In addition to the production of renewable chemicals and fuels, Aemetis produces products for human and animal consumption. We produce distillers grains that we sell into California’s Central Valley cattle industry and palm olein that we sell into the Indian food market.