biodieselBiodiesel, or fatty acid methyl ester, is a renewable chemical and fuel commonly produced from vegetable oil or animal fat. This non-petroleum based product can be used as diesel fuel, textile lubricant and industrial heating oil fuel. Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

Our biodiesel conforms to ASTM and EN standards.

Where does biodiesel come from?

Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oil or animal fats. In Kakinada, India, Aemetis produces biodiesel from non-edible palm stearin and refined palm oil. Crude glycerin is produced as a byproduct during the biodiesel production process.

What is biodiesel used for?

Biodiesel is used as transportation fuel and heating oil. The biodiesel Aemetis produces provides an alternative, renewable energy solution to these industries. Biodiesel significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on petroleum-based fuels.