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Renewable Natural Gas is a sustainable solution to reducing methane emissions and powering vehicles.

Our Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) has a negative carbon intensity and helps to address the problem of harmful methane emissions. In 2020, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved Aemetis’s fuel pathway for this utilization of biogas, utilizing a -426 carbon intensity score for the biogas from Aemetis Biogas’ first two dairy digesters.

Our RNG is produced from renewable feedstocks which allows for production and consumption to be sustained indefinitely with no intermittent issues like other renewable energy sources. RNG is a pipeline quality gas that fits existing natural gas infrastructure, making for a seamless transition. As California has over 1,200 existing dairies, there is a plentiful source of methane producing animal waste that can be converted to RNG.

Aemetis produces renewable natural gas (RNG) from dairy digesters throughout California’s Central Valley. The Aemetis privately owned biomethane pipeline transports gas to the company’s ethanol Biorefinery where it is upgraded to pipeline quality RNG for distribution via an onsite interconnection with the PG&E gas pipeline or at an onsite RNG fueling station for use as renewable, below zero carbon intensity (CI) transportation fuel.

The Aemetis dairy-produced RNG is also utilized as process energy at the Keyes ethanol facility to eliminate the use of petroleum based natural gas, thus reducing the Carbon Intensity (CI) of the low-carbon ethanol produced.

Our central upgrading and injection site has been completed at the Keyes, California location. Aemetis has secured 25-year agreements with 17 California dairies to build and operate dairy biogas digesters. By the fourth quarter of 2022, the team expects to produce 450,000 MMBTU of RNG per year. The RNG will be sold to local truck fleets or used negative carbon intensity process energy at the Keyes low-carbon ethanol facility. With a fully built-out objective of constructing and operating over 50 dairy digesters, we estimate our RNG production will reach more than 1.5 million MMBTU annually by 2025.

Why Renewable Natural Gas?

Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. In California alone, dairy waste lagoons account for 25% of methane emissions in the agricultural sector.

Creating Renewable Natural Gas is not only sustainable, but uses these harmful emissions from waste streams to create a carbon-negative alternative to petroleum based products like fossil natural gas. Renewable Natural Gas can be injected into already existing natural gas pipelines, making it one of the few negative carbon options to displace petroleum natural gas today.

Aemetis Biogas By the Numbers


Year Started Producing


Expected MMBTU Produced Annually by 2023

50+ dairies

planned expansion


Miles of Privately Owned Pipeline

$100+ million

annual cash flow with 25 year lease agreements


new dairy digesters in Q2 2022

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