June 3, 2022

RFA: Today’s Actions on RFS Restore Order, Provide Solid Foundation for Growth

The final regulatory actions taken today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bring order and certainty back to the Renewable Fuel Standard and provide a solid foundation for future growth in the production and use of low-carbon renewable fuels, according to the Renewable Fuels Association. The actions will also lead to lower gas prices for consumers and greater energy security, RFA said.

EPA today finalized a strong renewable volume obligation (RVO) for 2022, requiring the statutory volume of 15 billion gallons of conventional renewable fuel and 5.63 billion gallons of advanced biofuels. In accordance with a court order, the agency also finalized a supplemental requirement of 250 million gallons in 2022 to offset illegally waived volume from the 2016 RFS. In addition, EPA set the 2021 RVO for conventional renewable fuel at 13.79 billion gallons, based on the latest estimates of actual consumption. Finally, EPA finalized the denial of 69 pending small refinery exemption petitions, ensuring that all refiners are held accountable and equally obligated to blend lower-carbon, lower-cost biofuels.

– Renewable Fuels Association

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