September 16, 2016

Sky’s the limit on Navy’s biofuel focus

“U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has made alternative Aemetis Ceo Eric McAfee Attends RIMPAC 2016energy a top priority since taking
office in 2009, but this week he took his commitment to new heights, literally. The civilian leader for the Navy climbed aboard an EA-18G Growler fighter jet as a passenger on one of a series of test flights using 100% biofuel.”

“’This will be part of the new normal,’ McGinn, the Navy’s assistant secretary for energy, installations and environment, told me recently on the Columbia Energy Exchange, a podcast at the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy. ‘We’ll be putting biofuel blends into our ships in the form of marine diesel. We’ll be putting it into our helicopters and our jet aircraft.'”

— Bill Loveless, USA Today

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