July 27, 2020

The Hand Sanitizer Market: a salvation for beleaguered ethanol producers, or not?

If you’ve not heard, NuGenTec is looking for Distillers to help supply Ethanol for Hand Sanitizers in California! We have two automated bottling lines waiting for ethanol to produce 8oz and 16oz gel type hand sanitizers, they write. You can learn more here.

And as we reported this morning, Aemetis is one of those companies jumping into the market, even as transport fuel demand falls off, driving fuel ethanol prices into an all-time low range of around $0.70 per gallon.

The shortage is real

If you’ve been trying to buy hand-sanitizer, it’s been hard to find. Here in Digestville, we’ve been making our own from 25 percent Aloe Vera and 75 percent rubbing alcohol. Most authorities have emphasized a 2:1 alcohol to Aloe Vera ratio, but Aloe Vera has also been hard to find near Digest HQ. On Friday, a shipment arrived but it was the industrial bags that go in large dispensers at offices and hospitals, not the individual spray bottle variety.

– Biofuels Digest, Jim Lane

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