What We Do

We commercialize nature-based solutions to fuel the future.

Eric McAfee founded Aemetis in 2006 in Cupertino, California. Aemetis built a 50-million-gallon per-year renewable chemical and advanced fuel production facility on the East Coast of India, and then acquired and upgraded the Keyes, California 65-million-gallon per-year ethanol production facility in 2010.

The Aemetis team has developed a “circular bioeconomy” approach to the production of renewable fuels. Crops absorb CO2 and are used to produce renewable fuels and animal feed products. In turn, methane produced by dairy farms that purchase feed is captured and converted into negative carbon intensity transportation fuel that displaces polluting petroleum diesel and gasoline.

Since 2016, Aemetis has implemented dozens of energy efficiency related upgrades to its facilities, and is implementing projects to replace carbon-based natural gas with renewable electricity.

Today, we’re expanding our efforts to collect additional agricultural wastes, such as orchard wood waste, and transform these plentiful renewable resources into low-carbon fossil fuel replacements. In addition, we are developing projects to capture and permanently sequester polluting carbon dioxide (CO2) more than a mile below our Northern California facilities. Aemetis also operates a research and development laboratory in Minneapolis, Minnesota and holds granted patents on technology related to the production of renewable fuels and renewable chemicals.

About Aemetis

An Integrated Suite of Solutions

Low Carbon Ethanol Icon

Low Carbon Ethanol

We produce low-carbon intensity fuel from both corn and wood waste.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation and Renewable Diesel

We transform agricultural waste into fuel for fleets and jet planes.

Renewable Natural Gas Icon

Renewable Natural Gas

We capture and upgrade methane from dairy cows to create renewable natural gas.

Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

We build systems to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

Low Carbon Ethanol

Our Keyes biorefinery produces approximately 65 million gallons of low carbon ethanol per year. The same facility produces feed products for local cows at about 80 dairies, and distillers corn oil for renewable diesel and other renewable products.

Our facility uses renewable energy, such as renewable electricity and biogas, from the same dairies that use our feed products to produce low carbon ethanol.

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