April 10, 2024

Yamaha Betting Big On Ethanol Instead Of Electric Bikes

Yamaha Motor India is taking a distinct approach amidst India’s push towards greener mobility solutions. While the nation sets ambitious targets for electric vehicle adoption by 2030, Yamaha is steering towards ethanol-based flex fuels as a key component of its emissions reduction strategy.

Eishin Chihana, Chairman of Yamaha Motor India, outlined the company’s vision, emphasising a comprehensive approach to cleaner emissions technologies. Despite forecasts suggesting a 20% adoption rate for electric scooters by the end of the decade, Yamaha remains cautious, citing the current market share of electric scooters at 5-6%.

In contrast to calls for full electrification of two and three-wheeler segments by 2030, Yamaha advocates for technologies like ethanol-blended fuels to achieve emission targets. The company acknowledges obstacles hindering rapid EV adoption, including consumer behavior and infrastructure challenges.

Yamaha plans to introduce two EV models by 2030, acknowledging the limited but growing demand for electric scooters. However, the company’s primary focus remains on enhancing its premium motorcycle strategy and distribution network.


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